13 Great London Pubs Near Covent Garden

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During our visit to London, we found some of the best pubs near Covent Garden. Most pubs offer great ales, attentive service, a good mix of people, and a friendly atmosphere. But choosing a pub is all about falling in love with the room and the ambiance. 

You’ll find pubs everywhere in London and there is no shortage of good ones. After learning that there are over 55,000 pubs across the UK, we decided to take a few tipples at the taverns and chat with local blokes.  

It’s no surprise to us that London hails several famous pubs with live music. Spending the day in Covent Garden is a great way to visit London. But then there’s the food!  

You’re in the right place to find some “faaash and chaaapps” because London’s gastropubs are not for people on a diet. Besides, after three drinks you won’t give a shit what you weigh.  

This is a list of the best food pubs in London at Covent Garden!

The Best Pubs Near Covent Garden

pubs near covent garden

Nell of Old Drury

🍺 29 Catherine St.

This is a lovely little pub near Covent Garden. Secrets and scandal once oozed from this pub which has been named after Eleanor “Nell” Gwynn, an actress at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

She was a favorite mistress of King Charles II and they often met for “how’s your father” using a secret tunnel that connected the theatre and pub. But hey!…we’re here for the beer!

The pub today has links to the literary community and it’s a perfect spot for pre-theater libations. They also offer a theatre interval drink service! A seat at the ground-floor bow window overlooks Catherine Street.

Beer selections are rotated, but you will be delighted with one of the three served regularly, Sambrook’s Wandle, Sharp’s Doom Bar, and St. Austell Proper Job.

Cross Keys

🍺 31 Endell St.

If you are looking for a friendly atmosphere and cool pop memorabilia from Elvis Presley to the Beatles, this pub fits the bill.

It’s an interesting and aesthetically pleasing pub with gorgeous shrubbery on the outside. On the inside, expect elbow-room only during after-work hours.

This pub is a tiny bit off the beaten path of Covent Garden and slightly less touristy. You’ll love the roast and chips drenched in gravy. Cross Keys is a gem

The Harp

🍺 47 Chandos Place

This award-winning pub, formerly known as The Welsh Harp, is as traditional as they come.

The walls are decorated with old portraits which may come to life after pounding two pints of whiskey cider. It does the job if you need a break from life, or need to dance without inhibitions.

Try a selection of real London ales like Harvey’s Best Bitter or Timothy Taylor Landlord. The space is small but it has a great atmosphere. Find a seat by the stained glass window. It is a prime spot for people-watching.

The Salsbury

🍺 90 St. Martins Lane

We have to admit that The Salsbury had us at the entrance. The arched wooden door is flanked with fluted molding. The architectural details are swoon-worthy.

The pub has maintained its original brass details, many window panes, and mirrors. Oh wait…we’re here for a pint…right!

We loved the Victorian-era decor with etched glass and the feel of “ye olde English”. It’s a lavish pub with good food.

Try the pie and perfectly cooked chips. The vegetarian pie option with Camembert cheese and beet root were buttery and flaky, but the beer selections were nothing unique. They also serve gluten-free dishes

The Round House 

🍺 1 Garrick St.

This is a great stop for pub-style eats. It’s only a two-minute walk from Trafalgar Square to this little gem.

It will be your best stroll ever.  

The White Swan 

🍺 14 New Row

It is like most pubs in London, it has a charming exterior and a nice room downstairs to help you live your best pub life. The upstairs dining room serves traditional fish and chips, and the lamb rump is made like the British grandma that you never knew you had.


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The French House

🍺 49 Dean St.

This British pub in SoHo always draws a crowd that spills into the sidewalks and streets. Charles De Gaulle and the French Resistance were regulars, and today it is frequented by actors, bohemians, and francophile enthusiasts.

Wine bottles decorate the walls, and the bar has rules — no music, no TV, no mobile phones, no machines. And as in French tradition, ales are only served in half pints. Vive la France!

The White Lion

🍺 24 James St.

The food is hearty and hits the spot. The upstairs dining room is nice and the kitchen specializes in traditional pies.

Try the chicken pie with leeks, smoked bacon, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. The battered haddock and breaded Scottish scampi with trip-cooked chips, mushy peas, and tartare sauce is also a winner.

The fish and chips are so good they will have you coming back for more. Vegetarian dishes are available. With family and friends, you can order a variety of meals and share. The food here is incredibly tasty.

The Porter House

🍺 21-22 Mardon Lane

This sprawling pub has a great line-up of beverages. The banana bread beer sounds Betty Crockish. We don’t know if that counts as cozy and old-fashioned but it has a mom jeans ring to it. Oh well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

The pub features bands and draws a crowd in the evenings, and it’s a terrific spot for watching rugby. If you like ales, try the Brain Blaster or Hop Head.

No matter your taste, you’ll have three floors of microbrewed nirvana to explore.

Coach and Horses

🍺 42 Wellington St.

Guinness is the highly requested drink of choice at this pub. The house has a fantastic collection of about 70 Irish whiskeys and gin and Scotch whiskeys. The space is small and cozy inside, thus you’ll find crowds spilling onto the sidewalks and streets in no time.

It’s near the theaters and they offer great deals on food and drinks like 16 wings for only 5.50£, or buy one flame-grilled burger, get one free. That’s winning!

pubs near covent garden

Lamb & Flag

🍺 33 Rose Street

This pub is tucked away on a quiet narrow side street and is a beloved spot for Londoners and tourists.

You can see from the exterior the character is unique and rustic. If it’s good enough for Charles Dickens then it’s good enough for us.

The interior has a cozy fireplace, and all types of English ales are served. The tiny passageway from Floral Street to Lamb and Flag is quaint. The cold weather means naught to the Brits. You’ll find them standing in the elements while enjoying a nice pint.

Don’t miss the overhead sign and don’t worry about understanding it. The Olde English lettering is hard to read, sober or not.  

Freemasons Arms

🍺 32 Downshire

This is an award-winning pub with a great wine selection (we love a good red). You won’t find too many gastropubs that are better.

What’s a gastropub? A place that serves high-quality food that is miles above a bowl of Chex mix. After business hours, they host a 6£ spritz.

Try the juicy burgers or a Sunday roast. The food may be slightly pricey near Covent Garden. So if you’re stuck between “I need to save money” and “You only live once” follow our advice and “Just do it”.  

Mr. Froggs Tavern

🍺 58 Martin Lane

Ladies, check out the Asian-inspired loo! Guys, be amazed by the theme-inspired character of Phileas Fogg from Around the World in 80 days!

Everybody, be prepared to be taken into a tavern experience that you’ve never had before!

British flags, bird cages, and random antiques are suspended from above. Here, you’ll find signature drinks like Fanny’s Espresso Martini and Punch in the Garden.

Located above the tavern is the Gin Parlour where award-winning libations are served. The ambiance is fun and the eclectic-attired staff is distinctive.

After two cocktails, you might feel like you’re in the center ring of Barnum and Bailey’s circus. Keep calm and pub on.

Final Thoughts on the Pubs Near Covent Garden

Covent Garden is home to many excellent pubs, each with a distinct atmosphere and offering.  The area is bustling with tourists and it’s a ideal place for non-natives to experience the culture of London’s pubs.

The pubs near Covent Garden often feature traditional architecture and charming interiors, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance. Additionally, these establishments offer a wide selection of beverages, including ales, lagers, ciders, and spirits, catering to diverse tastes.

Moreover, many of these pubs serve delectable food, ranging from classic British dishes to international cuisine, ensuring a delightful dining experience. Whether you’re seeking a quick snack or a hearty meal, you’ll find a variety of options to satisfy your cravings.

Finally, visiting a pub near Covent Garden provides a great opportunity to socialize and meet new people. The friendly staff and welcoming locals contribute to a convivial atmosphere where conversations flow freely. It’s a place where stories are shared, friendships are forged, and memories are made.

Overall, a visit to a pub near Covent Garden promises an unforgettable experience, blending history, culture, gastronomy, and camaraderie into one enjoyable outing.

As the character, Passepartout, stated “I see that it is by no means useless to travel if a man wants to see something new“.  We couldn’t agree more. 

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