Professional Cooking Classes in Paris for Travelers

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Want to enhance your travel experience? We found a few cooking classes in Paris and decided to join a Parisian pastry class for English speakers to discover from pastry chefs the secrets of French pastries!

Who wouldn’t love to make buttery croissants and mouth-watering chocolates with a professional chef?

If you are looking for something unique to do in Paris, there are tons of baking classes for travelers.

Working with a local chef is a great way to learn and explore Parisian cuisine.

We signed up for the class before leaving the US to make sure we had a spot on a day that fit into our busy Parisian itinerary.

French Pastries & Chocolate Making Class

Here’s an overview of our experience and why we would do it again and again!

Our confirmation email provided the meeting point and time of the class. As we reached the address, we were looking for a restaurant but there was none in sight. It’s a good thing that we arrived about 20 minutes in advance. Be sure to give yourself enough time to find the location.

We found that the address was a private residence. Being the first to arrive didn’t help much and we were nervous about being in the wrong place. About five minutes before the class was scheduled to begin, other participants arrived and that calmed our nerves!

We had a chance to chat with everyone and learn where they are visiting from. We were all very excited to learn the secrets and tricks to making croissants, among other things.

A professional French pastry chef opened the door of a building that led us into a lovely Parisian courtyard. We thought “Wow! Even better”! He led us to his apartment. It was great to see how Parisians live and bake.

The class began with introductions and preparations. Aprons and tools were distributed, and we all decided on our workspace. Then we washed our hands, and the class began.

To save time, the chef explained that we would be working with the dough made by the previous class because it requires several hours of refrigeration.

Thus, the dough we made today would be used by the next class. Everyone was ok with this approach, and he proceeded with class instruction.

Cooking Classes in Paris
Cooking Classes in Paris

We were taught all the steps needed to create the authentic French croissant. We also learned the difference between croissant au beurre and croissant ordinaire.

This hands-on experience, held in the heart of Paris takes you step-by-step through the process of making everything and you will be given the recipe to try it at home.

The class lasted about two hours from start to finish. While the croissants were baking in the oven, the chef taught us how to make homemade chocolate candies.

If you are thinking of taking any cooking classes in Paris, explore what is available and don’t hesitate to book it!

The culinary classes featured in this post were chosen by us and we were very happy with the experience. The chef was very personable and made the class incredibly fun.

Cooking Classes in Paris

More Cooking Classes in Paris

EatWith is another great company that offers some of the best cooking classes in Paris.

You can also find macaron cooking classes where you learn how to make them from scratch.

Some cooking classes in Paris are held in the kitchens of renowned restaurants. Just make sure to sign up for the classes in a language that is most familiar to you.

With the smell of chocolate and buttered croissants wafting in the room, your mouth can’t help watering!

Here is a MONEY-SAVING TIP! If you take a croissant making class, book the morning class and skip breakfast at a restaurant. You will arrive a bit hungry, but it is worth the wait.

Amazing Crepe Cooking Class

Oh-la-la! This was a very fun and must-do cooking class in Paris! After a short introduction, we were given a demonstration of how to make the batter and cook our first crepe. Then it was time to try ourselves.

It was so much fun to see everyone enjoying themselves and eating their creations at the end of the class. Our instructor was very friendly and helpful, making sure everyone felt comfortable throughout the entire session.

✅Check availability of Crepe Making Class

The location was great too as it was close to Notre Dame cathedral and other important landmarks. We would definitely recommend this experience for anyone who wants to learn how to make crepes like a pro! Of all the cooking classes in Paris, this was one of our favorites.

This is an incredible experience where we had the opportunity to dive into the art of crepe making. The immersive class took place in a kitchen and allowed us to learn from an expert chef who guided us through the process from start to finish.

Learn How to Make Macarons

I had always dreamed of making macarons in Paris and we were super thrilled to sign up for this cooking class.

This is a small group class that will be led by a professional chef. We were given everything we needed and were taught everything to make these delicious treats.

✅Check availability of Macaron Bakery Class

What made this class special for us is that it had an intimate setting which made it easier to ask questions and get immediate feedback. We also had plenty of time for hands-on practice during each step of the process.

Learn to Make your Own Chocolates

For this cooking class in Paris, we started the day with a visit to a local chocolatier, where we learned about the different types of chocolate, how to taste it and how to make it. Then, we enjoyed a demonstration on how to create our very own chocolates!

We added some of your favorite ingredients such as nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruits and more. The class lasts approximately 3 hours and includes all materials needed for making your chocolates. The class is held in English.

✅Check availability of Make your Own Chocolates Class

The place is right in front of Notre Dame de Paris so it’s very easy to get there by walking or taking a metro line. The instructor speaks English, but you might have trouble understanding with an accent if you don’t know any French.

This is a very enjoyable class. I loved getting to make my own chocolates and then eat them. The instructor was very nice and helpful, and the class was fun and interesting.

Learn to Make Chocolate Éclairs and Cream Puffs

In this class, we made eclairs and cream puffs from scratch. We also made our own fillings and decorated the eclairs.

We learned how to make the choux pastry (pate a choux) which is basically like a dough that you add water to before baking it in the oven.

✅Check availability of Chocolate Éclairs and Cream Puffs Class

This makes it puff up like little balls (or whatever shape you want). We then added filling inside each one before decorating them with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.

The class lasted about 2 hours. It is fun and they give you plenty of samples of everything, so you can try the pastries while you’re baking.

Final Thoughts on Cooking Classes in Paris

We truly enjoyed the chocolates and warm croissants with a beverage and the and opportunity to socialize with fellow travelers at the end of the class. Even after filling our stomachs, there were plenty of food to take back to the hotel or snack on throughout the day!

Taking cooking classes in Paris to learn to French culinary arts an amazing experience, and an excellent souvenir of fun memories to bring back home from the trip.

Other highlights of our trip also included seeing Paris at night, taking a day trip to the Palace of Versailles, attending a Vivaldi concert at La Sainte Chappelle, having an incredible lunch at the Eiffel Tower, and exploring all the top sights of Paris.

Safe travels!

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  1. simplyjolayne says:

    I imagine for the chef that this is a great way to make a little (or a lot) extra money. I love to see the way people live around the world, so this would be fun to have the class in his home.

    1. Tanya Taylor says:

      I agree, if I had such talent I would love to share it with others!