Complete List of Top 10 Essentials for International Travel

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If you’re planning a trip to Europe, congrats! You’re in for a treat. Understanding the essentials for international travel is key to a successful and enjoyable trip overseas.

As you prepare for your vacation across the border, think of the essentials for international travel as the compass and map guiding you towards extraordinary experiences and cultural immersion.

So, before you start packing your bags, let’s cover some of the must-pack travel items that you’ll need to have before your flight!

International Travel Essentials

Flight Boarding Pass

Of course, you’ll need to book a flight to Europe—and if you haven’t already, now is the time! Shhh….now here’s a secret. We have partnered with WayAway to give you incredible deals!

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A coach ticket will give you the best deal and tips on how to survive a long flight can help you prepare for the journey.

When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of options available, from camping and hostels to Airbnbs and luxury hotels. Do some research to figure out what will best fit your needs and budget.

You may already know that booking on Airbnb means that the total cost will add up quickly with cleaning fees, processing fees, etc. But don’t worry, we have you covered!

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And don’t forget to purchase travel insurance—it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Passport or Visa

For American citizens, the first thing you’ll need for your trip is a passport that’s valid for at least six months after your planned return date.

If you don’t already have a passport, applying for one can take a few months, so make sure to start this early and give yourself enough time!

Passports are required for anyone who wants to travel internationally. The processing times start the day the application is received (not at mail-in).

Before covid, it took about three months to obtain a passport, but now the process can take a bit longer due to backlog. Another option is to expedite the application, but there will be extra fees.

Finally, what’s a passport without a passport cover? There are so many cute and stylish passport holders that makes it hard to choose just one.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

You’ll be doing a lot of walking while you’re in Europe, so it’s important to have comfortable shoes that will support your feet.

Jetsetters know that comfortable walking shoes are the right essentials for international travel and can transform a trip into an extraordinary expedition. Breaking in a new pair of shoes before your trip is a good idea so you don’t end up with blisters.

Backpack or Crossbody Bag

A backpack or crossbody bag will be more comfortable to carry around than a purse, and it will leave your hands free for carrying other things.

We recommend a crossbody bag with RFID protection. But if you’re feeling fashionable, check out this post for some cute, trendy crossbody bags!

Jetting off to foreign lands requires a checklist of essentials for international travel that will help ensure you’re equipped to embrace new horizons and create unforgettable memories.

Universal Power Adaptor

European countries use different types of electrical outlets than the United States, so you’ll need a power adapter to charge your electronic devices.

It’s best to obtain at least 2 or 3 because there are so many devices that you may need to charge — phones, power packs, tablets, earbuds, and portable speakers, to name a few. Also, look for adaptors that have 1 or 2 USB slots.

What Type of Adapter Do You Need for Travel

The type of adapter needed depends on which country you will visit and experienced travelers know that different types of plugs must be used. 

In fact, there are 15 different styles of outlets and plugs (or adapters) used internationally.  

chart of electrical adaptors
  • Type A – Canada, United States, Japan, and Mexico
  • Type B – Canada, United States, and Mexico
  • Type C – all of Europe (except for the UK and Ireland) and throughout Asia and South America
  • Type D – India
  • Type E – Belgium, Czechia, France, Poland, and Slovakia
  • Type F – Commonly used in Europe and Russia
  • Type G – Widely used in the Arabian Peninsula, the UK, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, and Singapore
  • Type H – Israel, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank
  • Type I – Australia, Argentina, China, and New Zealand
  • Type J – Only used in Liechtenstein and Switzerland
  • Type K – Only used in Denmark and Greenland
  • Type L – Only used in Chile and Italy
  • Type M – Only used in South Africa
  • Type N – Mainly used in Brazil and South Africa.
  • Type O – Only used in Thailand

What is a Converter

Electric power converters (also called transformers or voltage converters) convert 110-127V electricity (single voltage) into 220-240V electricity (dual voltage).

In the United States (and a few other countries), most products such as televisions, phones, and chargers use 110-127 volt electricity.

A converter is required if you are traveling from a 110-127V country to a 220-240V country and you are bringing electrical devices without converters.

How Do I Know If My Device is Dual Voltage

If you see a range, for example, 110V–220V or 100-240V, the device is dual-voltage and can handle AC voltage outlets from all over the world.

If you aren’t sure, the best decision is to purchase a Universal power adapter with a built-in converter.

What is the Best Power Adapter and Converter

There are a variety of adapters that will suit your need. Just as adapters can step up from single-voltage to dual-voltage electricity, some adapters step down from dual to single-voltage. So, be careful and read the description when shopping for the best prices.

From passports and power adapters to travel insurance and toiletries, the essentials for international travel are the building blocks that pave the way for remarkable adventures across borders.

Electronic Storage Case

An electronic storage case is one of the best essentials for international travel. Its portable and the protective bag is designed to store and organize electronic devices and accessories while traveling. It typically features compartments, pockets, and elastic straps to securely hold items like smartphones, tablets, chargers, cables, earphones, and memory cards.

Having an electronic storage case is essential for travel due to the following reasons:

  • Organization: It helps keep your electronic devices and accessories neatly organized in one place, preventing tangling, misplacement, or damage during transit.
  • Protection: The case provides a layer of protection against scratches, bumps, and impacts, shielding your devices from potential damage.
  • Convenience: With all your electronic essentials stored in a single case, it becomes easier to locate and access them when needed, saving you time and hassle.
  • Portability: The compact and lightweight design of the case makes it convenient to carry in your backpack, luggage, or handbag, allowing you to keep your electronic items readily accessible while on the go.
  • Security: By keeping your devices and accessories in one secure case, you reduce the risk of theft or loss during travel, as it’s easier to keep track of your valuable electronics.

International Cell Phone Plan

Before leaving the country, you should phone your cellular provider and ask if there are special pricing or programs for international use.

AT&T charges about $10 per day for unlimited calls and texting. Also, changes to some phone settings may be required for services to work.

Another option is to purchase a SIM card in the destination country or you can purchase in advance online.

Planning your next international escapade? Remember to gather the essentials for international travel. You’ll want to be able to access the internet or stay in touch with family during your journey.

A Carry-on Bag

It is possible to pack a single carry-on bag for 10 days of travel in Europe. However, this will be a challenge if you love having a lot of options for attire, or if you are traveling in winter and need to pack bulky clothing.

Aside from a woman’s handbag, the carry-on is essential because you’ll want to have easy access to things that will help you survive a long flight (eg. medications, electronics, etc).

Here is what to pack in a carry-on for an international flight. We recommend packing at least two days of undergarments, a change of clothing, toiletries, and anything of value so that if the luggage is lost, you can minimize worry and loss.   

We recommend the Tydeckare carry-on with 360 spinners and built-in TSA-approved locks. It is lightweight, looks chic, and it’s expandable.

Here is what to pack in a carry-on for an international flight. We recommend packing at least two days of undergarments, a change of clothing, toiletries, and anything of value so that if the luggage is lost (heaven forbid) you can minimize worry and loss.


Your travel bags should include everything from clothes and toiletries to electronics and medications. Packing cubes are a great way to stay organized.

When you pick up your suitcase from the sea of black luggage, you can quickly identify yours with these ideas on how to make your luggage stand out.

If you aren’t sure of what to pack for Europe, check the weather in advance. You can also read this post about the best wrinkle-free fabrics for travel. It may help you pack light and fashionable for Europe.

You can also access our resource library for a checklist of things to pack for a European trip.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first international adventure, understanding and packing the essentials for international travel is the first step towards a memorable and worry-free trip.

GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker for luggage is a compact device designed to track and locate your luggage during travel. It utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to provide real-time updates on the whereabouts of your bag.

By attaching the tracker to your luggage, you can monitor its location through a mobile app or website, ensuring peace of mind and minimizing the risk of lost or misplaced baggage.

An Open Mind

One of the best travel essentials for any trip is an open mind. Be prepared to experience new things and step out of your comfort zone.

Try new cuisines, take cooking classes in Paris, visit interesting museums, and talk to locals to get the most out of your trip to Europe!

Final Thoughts on the Essentials for International Travel

So there you have it…a few things you’ll need to take care of before flying off to Europe, Asia, or wherever the wind takes you!

Navigating the world’s wonders becomes effortless when armed with the essentials for international travel, ensuring you’re ready for anything the globe throws your way.

Just remember to apply for your passport (and visa, if necessary), book your flight and accommodation, pack wisely, and purchase travel insurance.

Whether you’re visiting Europe for the first time or the hundredth time, packing these essentials for international travel will help you make the most of your trip.

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