As a globtrotting parent who was once afraid of European travel, expanding my family’s horizons with vacations abroad has been so rewarding.

Exposing them to new cultures, cuisines, and sights across the world’s most iconic destinations and planning the best international family vacations is a dream come true.

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In Europe, we’ve treated ourselves to Parisian cafés, Venetian canals, and gelato in Cinque Terre. We have hopped between the white sandy beaches and lush nature in the Caribbean, explored the cobblestone streets of Rome.

Along the winding alleyways of Lisbon’s Alfama neighborhood in Portugal, we indulged in local pastries like pasteis de nata custard tarts and wandered the seaside promenade in Cascais.

In Madrid, we discovered the royal palace Palacio Real and magnificent gardens of the Parque del Buen Retiro, indulged in churros con chocolate at the 19th century cafe San Ginés, and sampled tapas at the lively Mercado de San Miguel.

With tempting food, stunning scenery and exciting activities, every corner of the world offers unique experiences. Use these posts to get inspiration and information for your family’s next overseas adventure!






Cinque Terre