5 Best Golf Cart Tours in Rome

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There are few cities in the world as steeped in history and culture as Rome.

When planning a getaway, I add a tour that I have not taken before and I try to see the city from different perspectives, including land, water, or public transportation.

I have seen cities using different travel methods – on foot, by bike, by scooter, by tour bus, or even by Segway. One of the best ways to tour Rome was in a golf cart.

Yep, that’s right. A golf cart.

Golf cart tours are a unique way to experience the charm of Rome.

Rome Golf Cart Tours

Ancient Rome

You don’t have to be an adventurous traveler who is constantly on the go. But if you want to see Rome at a relaxed pace, my first piece of advice is to book quickly because these tours sell out fast! And there is a good reason why.

On my second visit, I experienced la dolce vita in style with these awesome tours of Rome.

Your tour guide will take you to all the best attractions in Rome like the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, Villa Borghese, and more!

You can discover Rome from a whole new perspective and zoom around the city’s charming streets while soaking up all its beauty.

A golf cart tour of Rome allows travelers to navigate the historic streets with ease.

Make sure to check all the recommended highlights in the different neighborhoods of Rome.

Check availability to see Top Rome Attractions

Golf Carts in Rome Private Tour

people walking in roman neighborhood

With golf carts in Rome, a private tour provides an intimate customized experience for small groups.

You can customize your tour to take you through the winding streets of Trastevere and the Jewish Ghetto, two of Rome’s most historic and atmospheric neighborhoods.

You’ll learn about the history and culture of these two neighborhoods as you explore their narrow streets and hidden corners.

And, of course, you’ll enjoy the ride as you zip around in your golf cart!

Rome for kids with golf cart is a fun, family-friendly way to explore the city’s landmarks.

When it comes to popularity, Trastevere is hard to beat.

Check availability for a Private Golf Cart Tour in Rome

Italian Food Tour

hand holding sandwich

There are a few things that Italians take very seriously — fashion, football, and food!

On this golf tour, you’ll not only hear about Italian dish but you’ll get to visit some of the restaurants that the average tourist will not know.

You’ll find the best places to eat gelato or that create the best Italian coffee.

You may even be inspired to take a pasta making class, or learn how to make cacio e pepe or an authentic Roman pizza.

On this tour, you’ll learn about foods that locals eat and recommend. Doesn’t this sound exciting?!

You’ll also learn about Italian culture and its connection to food that makes us love the cuisine so much. 

An evening tour will be a nice way to end the day.

Check availability for an Italian Food Tour in Rome

Villa Borghese

artistic feature in villa borghese

Villa Borghese is a large public park in Rome that was redesigned into a 14th-century English-style garden.

It features plenty of green open spaces, classical monuments, and ponds.

It’s a popular destination for both tourists and locals looking to escape the busy city center.

Visitors to the park can enjoy activities such as walking, cycling, and boating.

Check availability for a golf cart tour of Villa Borghese

Catacombs of Rome

When in Rome, one of the coolest things you can do is tour the catacombs…in a golf cart!

That’s right, for a small group of up to 6 people, you can tour all the top sights and some hidden gems in Rome while enjoying a comfortable ride. 

On the tour, you’ll see the Colosseum, one of the most popular attractions in Rome.

From there, you’ll head down the Appian Way, an ancient road that was once used by Roman soldiers, and then on to the Circus Maximus, where chariot races used to be held.

Next up is the Terrazza del Gianicolo, a public terrace with amazing views of the city. 

The best part of the tour is a 45-minute guided tour of the Catacombs of Saint Callixtus, which are usually only open to small groups.

This is a great way to see all the best that Rome has to offer, without having to walk for miles.

And it’s a great option for those who want to learn about the history of the city and see some of its more unique sights.

Check availability for a tour of the Catacombs of Rome

Why You Should Tour Rome in a Golf Cart

people standing in front of building in Rome

While avoiding crowds, I was able to see all the top attractions the city has to offer. And with my knowledgeable guide, I learned about the history and culture of Rome in a fun and interactive way.

Here are some things to consider when deciding if a golf cart tour is right for you.

  • It’s a perfect solution to see Rome when you don’t have a lot of time. You can visit top Rome attractions and save yourself the hassle of driving. The summer months (June through September) are extremely warm, and you don’t want to feel hot and exhausted.
  • Golf carts can go just about anywhere and are very maneuverable, plus it’s a unique way to tour Rome.
  • The tours can be tailored to your interests. Private tours will pick you up from your hotel, discuss your interests, and tailor the tour to your group’s delight while giving interesting bits of information along the way.
  • Golf cart tour guides will know the perfect places for photo opportunities and take you to places that you would never know to go on your own. This will help you create lasting memories of your trip.  
  • If your travel group has an age range from 7 months to 70 years old, a golf cart tour will allow to you cover the entire city without feeling rushed or tired. 
  • Families can tour attractions together in a golf cart and engage with one another. Unlike a tourist bus, you won’t be disappointed with seating that a sprawled and inconsistent.  
  • It’s a great way to tour Rome while you relax and recharge for the rest of your journey through Italy.

Things I Learned About Touring Rome in a Golf Cart

view of fountain at st. peter's basilica


When choosing a tour, safety should always be the top priority. Tour companies are usually vetted in advance, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Before you purchase Viator tickets, they make sure that the tour company has a good safety record and that they follow all the necessary safety regulations.

The safety features and maintenance of the golf carts must meet standards so that you can tour in comfort!

Tour Route

Consider the route of the tour and the places you will be visiting.

The tour guides will know the best way of getting to each attraction, so they may take you through busy streets or narrow alleys.

Most tours will be a drive-by option where you can see attractions and take a few photos.

If you need a tour that provides you with enough time to enter and explore, the golf cart option may not be the best way to see Rome unless you purchase a private tour.

Tour Guide

A knowledgeable and friendly tour guide can make a big difference in your overall experience.

Not only should they have a good command of the language and history, they should make your tour interesting, engaging, and memorable.

Our recommendations work with locals that are experienced and informative guides who can answer your questions and provide interesting insights into the sites you will be visiting.

Tour Duration

Check the duration of the tour and make sure it fits your schedule.

You should also check the forecast for weather conditions.

If you are traveling during a season that may rain, check to make sure that you have a free cancellation option before booking.  

Tour Cost

Finally, consider the cost and what is included in the tour’s price.

Ensure that you are getting the best value for your money by comparing the prices and services of different tours.

Things to Know Before You Go

historic buildings of rome

With these tips, you will be better equipped to see the ancient ruins, grandiose churches, and fountains, with a bustling population of over two million people in Rome on a golf cart.  

  • A good guide will be flexible. Discuss topics of concern before the tour begins and ask if there will be breaks for drinks, restrooms, etc.
  • To save time on the tour and reduce stops, bring a water bottle and snacks with you.
  • Some tour operators will allow you to do a bit of driving on an easy route without traffic, of course. Ask in advance if this is an option, and make sure you bring your driver’s license.  

More Resources for Rome

Rome is an intriguing travel destination with lots of interesting history, not to mention its vibrant past and present. We’ve created a few more suggested posts to help you plan your trip to Rome.

The ancient city and the Colosseum district, where you may take in the most famous sites in Rome, are not to be missed.

And learning a few Italian phrases can make your trip more engaging with locals. One of the most fun activities that we engaged in was the Rome gladiator school.

We offer a comprehensive list on things to see and do in the Vatican neighborhood if you’re planning a visit. Don’t miss this post!

One of the best things about visiting Italy is the mouthwatering food that you will savor. You will be shown the best Italian dishes that the locals enjoy by our guide.

Some of them, like cacio e pepe, you might even wish to take a culinary lesson in Rome to learn how to prepare.

Final Thoughts About Golf Cart Tours

domed building in rome

Golf cart tours of Rome are a unique way to experience the charm of the Eternal City.

While avoiding crowds, I was able to see the top attractions, and more, at my own pace without exhausting yourself.

If you’re looking for a unique, and enjoyable, way to see Rome, then consider these golf cart tours for your next trip!

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