10 Great Places to Take Vacation Photos in Boston

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Boston is a beautiful, historic city with lots of impressive buildings. If you are looking for places to take photos in Boston, here is a roundup of locations that make a fun, colorful, or nature-inspired background for your social posts or family photo album!

Best Spots for Vacation Photos in Boston

The best spots for taking photos in Boston (like Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market) are a no-brainer, but they can be overcrowded. We’re taking you beyond Whether you’re exploring the Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall, so keep your camera handy to capture street photos in Boston.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be an expert photographer to take great pictures, especially with this list of great locations.

Every vacationer hopes to find a few spots that will look great on Instagram or share with family and friends without needing to perform a lot of edits.

Here are some of our favorite places and why they are some of the bests in Boston.

The Wooden Boston Sign

📍Government Center, 1 Cambridge St., Boston

This photo spot is undoubtedly one of the best in Boston and works well for a selfie or group photo (no matter how large). When looking for accommodation in Boston, keep this area in mind. It is a great spot to get a photo to remember your trip.

It is across the street from the Samuel Adams statue, facing the direction that he is looking (just walk up the flights of stairs and it will be to your left).

It is also adjacent to the Boston Seasons Beer Garden and the Boston sign is well lit at night. So stop at this location and have a few ales, then take a great photo to seal the memories!

wooden boston sign
Wooden Boston Sign

The Seaport Steps

📍At World Trade Center Ave & Congress St., Boston 

If you are hanging out in the Seaport District, these whimsical stairs are a nice backdrop for a photo. Use #seaportsteps when posting on social media, you may be featured on their account.

It’s a great spot when you have a large group because the cascading stairs will help you see all the bright smiles!

The waterfront areas, such as the Seaport District and the Harborwalk, will help you capture fantastic photos in Boston with stunning views of the ocean and city skyline.

Boston’s North End

📍Corner of Hanover & Richmond Streets., Boston

Exploring the charming streets of Boston offers endless opportunities for capturing stunning photos in Boston’s historic neighborhoods.

Every small neighborhood has a “corner store”. But when you live in Boston, it’s pronounced “connah stowah”! And you’ll find this sign directly across the street from the famous Connah Store in the North End neighborhood.

Otherwise known as “Little Italy”, this is where some of the best authentic Italian food is served in Boston. How adorable is this signpost where all roads lead to a city in Italy. It’s like a having a mini vacation to Rome, Italy.

woman sitting on stairs
Southport Stairs
boston north end signs
Boston’s North End

Beacon Hill

📍Near Louisberg Square

Talk a walk to Acorn Street to take photos in the oldest and most charming part of Boston.

The original cobblestone path was built in 1823 and is lined with federal-style row houses and antique streetlamps makes will make it a rare and distinct shot.

You’ll want to move quickly and quietly through the area of private homes because thousands descend upon “the prettiest street in America” almost daily.

Privacy is sought so much that you can’t even find the street on Google maps! But I’ll tell you…come closer as I whisper. It’s south of Louisberg Square between Willow and Cedar Streets.

The historic architecture of the neighbor will give you a treasure trove of photos in Boston with its charming brownstones and gas-lit streets.

And if you are up for a bit of retail therapy, take a stroll west to Charles Street and peruse the boutiques and antique shops, cafes, and restaurants on this quaint shopping street.

Back Bay

📍Commonwealth Ave., Boston

This affluent neighborhood avenue is lined with magnolia trees and elegant brick townhouses and mansions.

The scenic greenway is dotted with historic monuments, and there are plenty of photo opportunities.

But did we mention the houses between Arlington and Hereford Streets? Stand near the entrance and have an “I live here” moment. It always feels good.

The area is between Arlington and Massachusetts, which run north and south; and Boylston and Beacon streets, which run east and west.

If you are not sure where to go, aim for the homes along Commonwealth Ave to the west of Beacon Park.

Quirky and Vintage Signs

You have to appreciate photos from an era gone by. They are hard to find because vintage properties have been torn down and replaced quicker than you can blink an eye.

These photo locations are cute and quirky. They whisper a time that tells stores that are only known by a select few. Trust us when we say “old is the new new”.

📍Leaning Tower of Pizza – 517 Broadway, Saugus
📍South Street Diner – 178 Kneeland Street, Boston
📍Donut Villa Diner – 1 Highland Ave, Malden
📍Regina’s Pizza – 11 1/2 Thacher St, Boston

The Isabella Gardner Museum

📍25 Evans Way, Boston

Access to dreamy photos like this will require the price of entry, but it’s well worth it if you love art museums (and dreamy photos).

There are two buildings, the older one looks like a European castle. To get there, turn right and walk through the glass corridor. Here you can take some of the most stunning photos from every angle.

You’ll find arched doorways and windows throughout and natural daylight drawn from the glass roof radiates beautifully on the florals and fauna.

Paul Revere House

📍19 N. Square

The Paul Revere House in Boston is such a fantastic place to visit and take photos! It’s steeped in history and has a unique charm that would make for a memorable picture.

As you can see, this house is incredibly significant because it’s the oldest surviving structure in downtown Boston, dating all the way back to around 1680. And it still looks amazing!

isabella gardner museum courtyard
Isabella Gardner Museum
brick building
Paul Revere House

Rooftop Restaurants & Bars

Rooftops have been trending popularity for years and with views like Boston’s harbor or skyline, one can hardly question why.

The plates may be pricey, but “Hey girl, YOU are worth it.” Some offer year-round seating with heated igloo-like sheds that are draped with lights.

It makes for a romantic setting on date night. Sip and snap into the late hours at these rooftops and make a few more vacation memories! The Envoy Hotel also has a great rooftop bar.

📍Contessa – 3 Newbury St, Boston
📍Daedalus Restaurant – 45.5 Mount Auburn St., Cambridge
📍The Envoy Hotel – 70 Sleep St., Boston

Primark’s Hello Wall

📍10 Summer St., Boston

Primark stores have been popping up all over the states and appeal to teens and budget-conscious buyers.

The entry has two mural walls of graphics showcasing icons from around the globe with “HELLO BOSTON” in bright blue neon.

It demonstrates that brands are giving more thought to designing and installing innovative Instagram-able moments for visitors!

Boston Public Gardens

📍Boston Commons – 115 Boylston St., Boston

📍Boston Public Gardens – 4 Charles St., Boston

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiastic traveler, be prepared to fill your camera roll with captivating vacation photos in Boston’s picturesque parks and gardens.

These public gardens are directly across the street from one another and offer wonderful backdrops for your photos — ponds, skyscrapers, florals, swan boats, statues of historic figures, fountains, a carousel, bronze duck sculptures, live entertainment, food vendors, children’s playground, and more.

Take a stroll through the Boston Public Garden and be enchanted by the enchanting Swan Boats, colorful flowers, and picturesque bridges that make for unforgettable photos in Boston.

Boston Common, the oldest public park in the United States, is a beautiful backdrop for taking photos in Boston. Whether capturing both candid and posed photos in this green oasis, the possibilities are endless.

Live your best outdoor life and strike a pose!

boston park
Boston Public Gardens


📍84 Beacon St, Boston

In honorable mention, Cheer’s has been a cult classic for decades in Boston and throughout the United States.

So, if you are near Beacon Hill, the Boston Commons, or Boston Public Gardens, just a short walk will lead you here “where everybody knows your name”.

More Tips and Ideas for Photos in Boston

Don’t forget to capture the beauty of the city at different times of the day—from sunrise over the Charles River to the vibrant city lights of downtown Boston at night.

Capture the energy of a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, and immortalize the excitement of a Boston sports tradition.

Visit the Boston Public Library for its magnificent architecture and ornate reading rooms. It provides an elegant backdrop for capturing architectural and interior design photos in Boston.

Final Thoughts on Great Places to Take a Photo in Boston

When visiting, remember to go beyond the normal tourism routes for great photos in Boston. You can visit the vibrant street art scene in neighborhoods like the South End, Chinatown, or the renowned SoWa Art & Design District.

Hopefully, you are inspired to go beyond the usual places and see more of this beautiful city. These are places that we visited on our last trip to Boston.

We also ate a lot of lobster rolls and chowder! So, moving around through the city helped us stave off the extra pounds. Fortunately, using the public transportation system made it super easy to get around Boston.

Safe travels!

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