Holiday Gifts: 103 Great Ideas for Family and Friends

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In this post, we highlight some of the best holiday gifts for travelers.

It’s the holiday season, and we know what you’re thinking: “What should I get for my grandmother, brother, mom, sister, co-worker, or …?”

But here’s another thought: maybe they’re not just a family member or friend. Maybe they are a road-tripper. Or a wine lover. Or a backpacker. Or a pet lover. Or someone who needs help with organization.

That’s what this post is all about—connecting you with the perfect gift ideas for gifting. So, whether they love to travel AND they love to drink wine or they love to backpack or they have their own YouTube channel and need some new camera equipment, we’ve got everything you need right here!

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Gift Ideas


If you’re a traveler, you know how important it is to have the right gear. The right luggage, the right clothes, and the right accessories can make your trip so much more enjoyable.

But what about when it’s time to give gifts? How do you find a gift that will be appreciated by someone who spends most of their life on the road?

We’ve got some suggestions for you! Here are several gift ideas that any traveler would love:

  • The perfect phone case
  • A portable charger
  • A travel journal
  • Destination-inspired movie (DVD)
  • An eye mask
  • A passport case for women or a passport case for men
  • A universal travel adaptor
  • Personalize luggage tags
  • TSA pre-check or global entry
  • Carry-on luggage
  • A portable power strip with surge protection and USB ports
  • Water-resistant dry bag for electronics or other valuables
  • A foldable umbrella with a built-in flashlight and personal safety alarm (for nighttime walks)

Don’t let them leave home without it, shop these items!


If you’re planning a trip this year, you may wonder what to get for the traveling photographers in your life. We’ve got you covered! 

Here are some holiday gifts that will make their trip even more fun.

  • SD storage cards
  • Glass sphere
  • Collapsible multi-disc light reflectors
  • Camera backpack bag
  • Photography idea cards
  • Photographer-inspired mugs or tumblers

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Do you have a traveler in your life? If so, you know that it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift for them. You might think that all they need is a new passport and a ticket to wherever they’re going, but we all know that’s not true.

A traveler needs a little extra inspiration and encouragement to get through their journey—and what better way to do that than with some great gifts for those who also love cooking!

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You know someone that is a big fan of art. And you also know you have a friend who loves to travel. So, here’s our thought on what holiday gifts would be perfect for your friend (or anyone) who loves to travel.

  • Vintage tumblers
  • Makeup artist bag
  • Sketchbook set
  • Travel-inspired coloring book
  • Travel-inspired watercolor kit
  • Artsy luggage cover

How awesome are these ideas? Shop artsy gifts in the store.

Backpackers, Hikers, and Campers

So if you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea for someone who loves hikes or just needs some new gear before their next big trip, take a look at our list!

  • Portable shower
  • Travel-sized first aid kit
  • Off the grid survival book
  • A solar charger
  • A portable speaker so you can jam out while hiking (or listen to podcasts).
  • Paracord bracelet
  • Hiking boots
  • Foldable trekking polls
  • Hydration pack
  • Disposable funnels
  • Themed decorative throw

Do you see a must-have? Shop these outdoor gifts.

Pet Lovers

Do you know a traveler that has a pet? Help them keep their fur-baby comfortable. These are perfect holiday gifts for anyone who travels frequently with their cat or dog!

  • Car seat covers
  • Carriers (for small pets)
  • Pet water containers
  • Wash cups for paws
  • Camera wearing collar
  • GPS pet tracker
  • Pet food travel kit
  • Pet supply backpack
  • Car booster seat
  • Decorative scarves

So many cute ideas! Take a peek in the store.

Wine Lovers

Sip, sip, hooray! We found holiday gifts to get your favorite wines home without spills. The sleeves are like little suitcases for a bottle. They provide great protection and keep luggage safe from breakage (we all know how gentle luggage handlers can be). Plus, they are also reusable!  

  • Wine travel bags
  • Set of insulated stainless steel wine tumblers
  • Souvenir wine bottle opener
  • Insulated wine tote carrier
  • Picnic kit to enjoy the great outdoors
  • Mini-wine refrigerator
  • Wine-inspired gift basket
  • Tasting journal
  • Coravin wine saver and pourer
  • Wine slippers

See an idea that you like? Let’s go shopping!


Help social media creators take their photography skills up a notch without having to spend thousands on equipment upgrades. With these holiday gifts, they’ll be able to capture stunning photos and make them look fashionable and professional with just one click!

  • Waterproof camera case
  • A Tote
  • A Pivo
  • A mini-tripod
  • A standing tripod
  • A gimble
  • Camera lens kit for smartphone
  • Light enhancer
  • GoPro
  • Drone

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holiday store

Health Enthusiasts

These are perfect holiday gifts for someone who’s always on the go and loves their health, whether mental or physical! They’ll help one stay fit, healthy, and happy all year long.

  • Fitbit Charge 2
  • Mindfulness cards
  • Yoga mat
  • Daily affirmations
  • Hand weights or bells
  • Weighted hula hoop
  • Coloring books

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Beach Lovers

If you love the beach, then you know how important it is to have some time on the sand. Whether you’re looking for a holiday gifts for your bestie who is always jetting off to somewhere new, or for your mom who just loves the beach to pieces, we’ve got you covered!

  • Water-proof camera or phone pouch
  • Sandless beach towel
  • Mesh tote
  • Water shoes
  • Waterproof speaker
  • Inflatable body boards
  • Inflatable kayak set
  • Flipflop luggage tags
  • Beach makeup bags
  • Oversized lightweight beach blanket

I know someone who would love a beach-themed gift!

Spa Lovers

Consider these holiday gifts to help them personalize your space, eliminate odors, balance Chakra, and release fragrances that lift your mood and above all, get comfy!    

  • Accupressure travel mat
  • Comfy socks for the flight
  • A massaging neck pillow
  • Essential oils
  • Diffuser
  • Shower steamers
  • Burt’s Bees gift set
  • Memory foam travel pillow
  • Traveler makeup bag

Yasssss! Don’t you love these spa gifts?

Music Lovers

These holiday gifts are great for any occasion because everyone loves music. They’re perfect for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, or just-because gifts. These are the top 5 items you need to travel the world. Our picks are tried and true, and you can find them all on our site.

  • Spotify gift card
  • Premium earbuds
  • Noise-canceling headset
  • Mp3 player

Oh my…I might buy a few of these for myself! Shop the store for music gifts.


Do you know someone who loves to travel? Do they also love staying organized but find it hard to do both at the same time? It’s not impossible, though. This list of holiday gifts will help them stay on top of things!

  • A set of packing cubes
  • A passport and vaccine holder
  • Luggage covers
  • Luggage scale

See what’s in the store now!

Final Thoughts about Holiday Gifts for Family and Friends

Buying for family and friends can be difficult, especially when it seems like they already have everything. Other reasons why it is difficult include:

  • budget constraints
  • distance and shipping
  • time constraints
  • differing tastes and preferences

The most important aspect of gift-giving is the thought and care behind it.

By listening, planning ahead, and focusing on personalization, you can make the process of buying holiday gifts for family and friends more enjoyable.

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