Amazing Italian Cooking Class in Rome

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Have you ever tried an Italian cooking class in Rome? If not, sign up for this culinary experience while traveling to Italy!

Cooking while traveling the world is a great way to experience the culture and local foods. While we have traveled a lot as a family. But it had always been my dream to try a cooking class in Italy.

So, we booked our first cooking class in Brussels. It was blast! The class was fun and educational. Since then, we’ve been cooking and eating our way around the globe.

This post was written not to suggest restaurants, but to share one of the best cooking classes in Rome that we’ve experienced, what to expect, and how good it was (or was not).

Check availability for this cooking class in Rome.

Our Cooking Class Experience

While searching the web, we found several cooking classes in Rome that were hosted by a nonna (grandma), a professional chef, restaurants, or a touring company.

Since we were in Italy for a week, we wanted to try them all. It’s hard to choose one as the best cooking class in Rome because they all use different ingredients and different techniques.

We arrived at the restaurant and one of the staff split us into two groups, each was assigned their workroom.

Our best tip for class preparation is to use the restroom and wash your hands before being directed to do so. Otherwise, you might be waiting in a long line (especially if the bathroom is small and shared with restaurant customers).

The recipe to make the dough was very simple — flour and egg. If you have young children (eg. under 10 years old), you may need to step in and help because rolling the dough takes time.

The task of rolling dough was repetitive and takes a lot of upper body strength. By the time you have finished rolling the dough, it should be paper thin.

For this class, we were given a choice of cacio e pepe, alfredo, or carbonara sauce. Since you make your pasta, you can decide how thick you want it to be, but you may want to opt for the fettuccini cut.

As soon as the pasta was made, we labeled our plates with our names, then the plate of noodles were sent to the kitchen to be cooked.

For the remainder of the class, we cracked eggs and separated the yolk from the egg white, mixed it by hand, and made tiramisu.

glass of wine

Everyone was having so much fun — we made jokes and laughed, counted to thirteen in Italian, drowned ladyfingers in coffee, and then layered all the ingredients into our dessert glass.

It’s hard to believe that we spent 2.5 hours in class, the time went by so quickly. We highly recommend this culinary experience because you will appreciate the culture of Italy and how pasta has been made by hand with love for decades.

A table was set outside the restaurant for our group and our meals were served with wine and limoncello. This was perhaps the most enjoyable part of the evening.

We relaxed and saw the fruit of our labor, bonded with fellow travelers, and made new friends while dining al fresco. If you’re a food lover, don’t miss the chance to participate in a hands-on cooking class in Italy, where you’ll unlock the secrets of authentic Italian cuisine.

cacio e pepe pasta

More Resources for Rome

Rome is a fascinating destination with a rich history and culture. To make the most of your trip, we have prepared some useful resources for you to check out!

You can’t miss the ancient city and the Colosseum neighborhood, where you can marvel at the iconic landmarks of Rome. A fun and original way to explore the city is by taking a golf cart tour.

If you want to visit the Vatican, we have a detailed guide on what to see and do in the Vatican neighborhood.

You will also enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine, which is one of the highlights of traveling to Italy. Our guide will show you the best Italian foods that locals love.

Before you leave, make sure you learn some basic Italian phrases. It will help you communicate with locals and make new friends.

Final Thoughts on a Cooking Class in Rome

Since this cooking experience, we’ve had cooking classes in France with a pastry chef, and we’ve learned to make pasta, and sauces by several Italian chefs, as well as Roman pizza.

If you are looking for one of the best cooking classes in Italy, sign up for this one!

Check availability for this cooking class in Rome.

You won’t regret enhancing your culinary skills with a cooking class in Rome, where you can learn to create authentic Italian dishes from an expert chef.

Who knows what Italian dish we will make next but when we do, we will add it to this post!

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  1. Olivia Grace says:

    I love this! I am going to Europe for the first time in 2023 so I will have to add this to my list of things to do. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tanya Taylor says:

      You will meet a lot of travelers and have a ton of fun, safe travels!

  2. This is so fun! I’ve taken cooking classes in a few of the different countries I’ve been to! What’s the name of the company?

    1. Tanya Taylor says:

      This experience was through Get Your Guide — — They contract will restaurants, local companies, and professional chefs in Europe. This chef met us at a restaurant in Piazza Navona.

  3. Anita Beyond The Sea says:

    Such a good idea! Being an Italian native, I’ve never thought about doing this in my own country. But it may be very interesting when visiting other countries 🙂

    1. Tanya Taylor says:

      I agree! You may want to bake croissants in France or waffles in Belgium and you will meet like-minded travelers!