24 Terrific & Trendy Crossbody Bags for Travel

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Looking for trendy designer crossbody bags to travel in style? Crossbody bags for women is an ideal accessory, and here’s why! These bags keep your hands free — while you are on the go — for more important things….like holding a latte and taking a selfie.

What is the Difference Between a Purse and a Crossbody Bag?

A purse is designed with straps or short handles to be carried under the arm or held by hand.

A crossbody bag has an adjustable long strap that allows it to be worn diagonally across the body, over the shoulder and hip.

Why a Crossbody Bag is Better

The shoulder strap is designed to be adjustable, so you have the option to carry the bag on your shoulder or across your body. They are one of the favorite bags for women because they are safer to carry than handbags.

There is no need to carry it or worry about it slipping off your shoulder.

You can wear it in a way that makes it very difficult for thieves to steal it. Best of all, access is simple for easily putting many things in it and you don’t have to worry about it falling out.   

Check out our picks for the most fashionable and trendy designer crossbody bags!

Types of Crossbody Bags

woman with crossbody bag

Everyday Crossbody Bags

These are versatile and practical bags designed for daily use. They are typically medium-sized with enough space to carry essentials like a wallet, phone, keys, and other personal items.

Roomy enough to serve as an everyday carry-all, standard crossbody bags still retain accessibility and mobility for life’s little errands.

With smartly placed zippers and pockets, prime your crossbody to protect valuables most prone to sliding astray.

Our Favorite

Vera Bradley Women’s Performance Twill Triple Compartment Crossbody Purse

This weather-friendly water-repellent fabric is durable & lightweight for everyday use.

Similar Styles

ESTALON Real Leather Crossbody Bag

COACH Womens Rowan File Bag

Kate Spade Carson Convertible Crossbody

Travel Crossbody Bags

When I am jetsetting between cities or taking public transportationn, you can’t just toss everything into some random purse, ya know? I need a bag that’s got my back! That’s where sweet travel crossbodies come in…these guys are designed to make globetrotting a breeze.

My favorite travel crossbody bag has handy features like special pockets with RFID that block hackers from stealing my data. Plus they lock in place so no sly pickpockets can unzip behind your back! Oh, and the compartments? Beyond organized to keep your passport, cash, headphones, snacks, everything in its place from security to the streets of Barcelona!

That overstuffed carry-on got nothing on a roomy, strategic travel crossbody when it’s time to roam. Toss it across your bod, grip that luggage, and hit the skies care-free, my friend!

Our Favorite

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag

Locking main compartment. Slash-resistant body construction and slash-resistant, adjustable shoulder strap attaches to post or chair. RFID blocking card and passport slots. Front and rear pockets.

Similar Styles

Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Crossbody Bag

Travelon Anti-theft Classic Travel Bag

Travelon Anti-Theft-Metro-Stadium Mini Crossbody Bag

Mini Crossbody Bags

When it comes to minimalism, these crossbody bags fit the bill. These pint-sized pouches pare down to the essentials – phone, cards, cash, keys, lipstick – securing necessity in scarcely larger spheres than one’s grip.

While you are free of bulk and excess hardware, micro crossbodies offer featherweight portability perfect for navigating crowded subways, festivals, museums. Their diminutive silhouettes also lend sly utility for nights out, stowing basics to leave hands free for dancing and debauchery.

For those favoring travel light, there is no need to decide what to bring when bare necessities fit the bill.

Our Favorite

TANTIUE Small Crossbody Bag

High quality vegan leather, glossy, soft, durable and easy to clean. Elegant gray hardware paired with colorful leather make it more conspicuous. It can be used as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag. Fit for work, travel, dating.

Similar Styles

RADLEY London Always On Time – Mini 

Michael Kors Jet Set Charm Small Phone

Kipling Women’s Sabian Mini Crossbody

Stylish Crossbody Bags

While not exclusively crossbody bags, messenger bags are a category that often includes crossbody-style designs. They typically have a larger size and a flap closure, making them suitable for carrying larger items like laptops or documents.

Stylish variations on the crossbody bags are plentiful, ranging from sleek nylon designs trimmed in genuine leather to patterns galore – florals, plaids, sophisticated stripes.

You don’t need not sacrifice personality for functionality. The right messenger crossbody balances form and function, ready for hitching across the body on the daily commute or dashing about town hands-free.

Our Favorite

KKP Women’s Crossbody Handbags

Imported high quality PU leather and wear-resistant and durable lining made it, the bags is well-made stitching runs smoothly and evenly.

Similar Styles

OOHOO Small Quilted Crossbody Shoulder Bag

COSMO HANDMADE Orange Leather Crossbody Bag

MERSI Ruby Crossbody Purse Faux With Studded Detail 

Designer Crossbody Bags

These are high-end crossbody bags from luxury brands. They often feature premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and distinctive brand logos or designs.

Looking for the utmost elegance? Luxury fashion houses offer fine leather crossbody bags flaunting impeccable artisanship. You can choose from supple Italian calfskin or buttery lambskin to up the ante, burnished to a rich patina. The softness is enduring and feels posh.

Metals take on a golden, jewelry-like glow with lightweight yet durable hardware able to withstand use season after season. The logos of upscale brands whisper rather than shout, allowing timeless silhouettes in iconic shapes to take center stage.

Expect inner linings just as refined as outer embellishments. With fabric swatches sourced from elite European mills and custom metal castings hewn by generational talents, these functional works of wearable art gain vintage appeal the more loved. For far more than a disposable season, invest in a premium leather crossbody to last through countless adventures while aging ever more gracefully.

Our Favorite

Marc Jacobs Women’s The Snapshot

Logo emblem at front, Double zip closure at top, Exterior and interior patch pockets, Optional, adjustable crossbody strap

Similar Styles

Kate Spade New York Lise Mulberry Street

DKNY Everyday Multipurpose Crossbody

COACH Rowan Satchel In Signature Canvas

Convertible Crossbody Bags

What sets these bags apart are the clever convertible details that feature adjustable straps or modular components that enable transforming silhouettes on the fly. A crossbody bag may conceal a removable strap, allowing a swift switch into a sleek handheld clutch for your next event.

With quick clips, hooks, and neat hidden tricks, a single bag morphs to serve multiple functions. Look for bags with intriguing interchangeable straps, folding flaps, and folding compartments promising versatile wear.

The ability to shift forms makes these transitional carryalls ready for morning errands and evening escapades. With just a few swift motions, you can change the vibe of any outfit by changing the style of your bag.

Our Favorite

Vince Camuto Keanu Crossbody

High quality vegan leather, glossy, soft, durable and easy to clean. Elegant gray hardware paired with colorful leather make it more conspicuous. It can be used as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag. Fit for work, travel, dating.

Similar Styles

FAIRYSAN Women’s Straw Beach Bag Crossbody Bag

Kate Spade Carson Convertible w/Card Case

Tory Burch Women’s Fleming Convertible Shoulder Bag

Changeable Straps for Crossbody Bags

strap laying on wood backgrond

I found some in Italy from a vendor at great price, 2 for $18. Europe is always on trend when it comes to fashion, so I was able to return with my new finds before they were popular in the United States.

A convenient feature of many crossbody bags is their removable straps, which allow me to easily convert the style.

Tip: Seek out customized wide sling bags to intentionally complement specific outfits.

As fashion trends continually evolve, an expansive variety of hip bag designs now exist. From cute tiny purses to hands-free practicality, it’s simple to order must-have bags online or in physical shops to match your personal taste.

Whether a day at the farmer’s market or a night out clubbing, you can find chic, durable crossbodies to take you through every activity with en-vogue flair.

Final Thoughts on Trendy Crossbody Bags

I have several crossbody bags and recommend one that looks trendy. Just like suitcases, I prefer a bag that stands out and doesn’t get lost in the sea of similarity. By the way, if you are looking for a way to make your suitcase stand out, we have some tips here on the blog!

Crossbody bags have a variety of styles and colors. Due to the immense popularity of shoulder bags, manufacturers offer them in all colors, materials, and designs which enables every woman to buy this smart bag in every color and style.

What I also like is that many have a removeable strap. You can even get a custom wide sling bag to match your outfit. As fashion trends change there are many types of bags today. That’s why you can easily order and buy online as well as visit physical stores.

Happy Travels!

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