10 Tips for a Successful Ski Trip with Kids

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Are you thinking of hitting the slopes with your little ones? Ge ready to hit the powder with these 10 tips for a successful ski trip with kids!

ski trip with kids is part fun, part challenging, and part terrifying!

But don’t worry, we’ve got you. By following these tips, you can make your ski trip with kids a success.  

Wear your best “I won’t face-plant” smile and have a blast skiing with your tots. 

Tips for a Successful Ski Trip

Have Activities During the Drive

Add some activities to your ski trip packing list. Staying engaged on the way to the ski destination helps pass the time away.

With guessing games like “I Spy”, “20 Questions”, or “The Alphabet Game”, you won’t need to bring a lot of equipment. There are numerous fun and entertaining games you can play on a road trip.

Pack Snacks and Drinks 

Stay fueled with protein-packed snacks. We recommend pocket-sized protein bars. If you have a cooler, pack cheese, yogurt, and replenishing beverages. This will also help you avoid higher-priced snacks at the lodge.

Don’t Financially Overcommit

Ski equipment is expensive. If your family is new to skiing, it would be wise not to invest in equipment right away. You can find ideas on how to save money in one of our posts.

Use rental equipment until you decide this is a sport you want to continue doing.

Thrills on the snowy hills are different for everyone. You may find that your little ones may prefer snowboarding over skiing.

Find a Learning Program

Select a destination with a ski school that has a bunny hill for learning and offers instructions for kids and adults. They are held at some of the best family ski resorts.

You can take group lessons or hire an instructor for private lessons for just your family. This is a great way to have the experience tailored to each individual’s skill level, interests, and goals.

ski trip with kids

Wear the Right Gear

Clothing can make all the difference so when packing for a ski trip, keep your family comfortable and warm with the right ski gear.

Invest in ski equipment designed for each person’s height, weight, and skiing style once they have skied a few times and are committed to the sport.  

Celebrate the Small Wins

If they can only stand for 10 seconds or glide for 2 feet, give them kudos. Skiing is not easy! You’ll hear this a lot at ski school — Great Job! You’re a Pro! You nailed that one!

It takes repetition before they’ll get the hang of the skis. It’s amazing how their confidence grows in such a short time. 

Parenting Tip:  Help them recognize and internalize their moments of success. Instead of saying “Good job!”, say “You didn’t fall! How does it make you feel”? 

Always Practice Safety Rules

If they are loving this experience, chances are they will want to try the next level hill. This is great because it’s another sign of their confidence growing!  

Remind the little ones to stay in control and use the “pizza” or snow plow position to slow down and stop. People in front have the right of way so having this skill can prevent accidents and help keep everyone safe.

ski trip with kids

Plan Some Downtime (Apres Ski)

Wait…they want 20 more runs? Kids have boundless energy so insist on some down time so that they don’t wear you out (seriously, parents need a break).  

Bring some coloring books or read together. Cozy up and get comfy in the lodge or sit outside next to a bonfire with a mug of hot cocoa and s’mores.

Or find a spot on the mountain for a family picnic.

Have a Fallback Plan

If gliding down the hill is not for everyone, you can do other activities like tubing, depending on what’s available at the ski lodge. 

Another option is to go for a winter hike or play board games. Some family-oriented ski destinations offer a range of activities like sleigh rides and ice skating.

Make Fun Memories

Simple activities like building a snowman or a snowball fight can bring winter fun for the family.  

More importantly, have fun enjoying the sport together. Don’t forget to take family photos of your winter adventures.  

Final Thoughts on a Successful Ski Trip with Kids

In conclusion, there are a lot of factors that will make your family ski adventure successful. From keeping them warm and safe (and not losing them on the mountain) to finding fun activities on the way drive up the mountain.     

Your ski trip with the kids will be more successful by following these tips. They will enjoy being outdoors and together you will create a pleasant and unforgettable family experience.

Now get out there and hit the slopes!

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