13 Great Things to Do on Tybee Island (Ultimate Guide)

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Planning a day trip from Savannah and need an ultimate guide to Tybee Island? This article will share the best time to visit, plus all the fun things to do and places to visit for your next adventure.  

I enjoyed visiting Tybee as a day trip from Savannah. The island is filled with plenty of outdoor activities and peaceful beaches, and it’s a favorite for seeing loggerhead turtles.

Does it sound interesting? I agree!

So, I made a list of the best things to do on Tybee Island to make your best vacation or day trip from Savannah the best it can be!

Where is Tybee Island

Tybee Island is a colorful beach town located on the eastern coast of Georgia. The destination is a gem, and the sand shores draws travelers from Savannah during the summer.

The island doesn’t just sport pristine beaches, but also a majestic lighthouse and natural beauty that you’ll want to add to your itinerary.

Tybee is a popular destination for day trips from Savannah. It is about a 45-minute drive by car via Interstates 95 and 16.

The Best Time to Visits Tybee Island

When it comes to visiting Tybee Island, everyone can soak up the charm of sun-kissed beaches during the summer months from June to September. During this period, the island is brimming with excited vacationers seeking respite.

To beat the heat, the best time to visit for outdoor activities in from early April to late May.

Visiting during the Fall months, from September to November, are also great choices. As the school year welcomes students back, visitors can still enjoy pleasant weather and a more tranquil atmosphere.

Winter extends from December to February with much cooler temperatures. However, Tybee remains just as welcoming and quaint. Cozy up in a nice rental, go for cool morning walks and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in a laid-back atmosphere.

March and April are transitional months with high winds that become less mischievous as the spring season nears.

best time to visit tybee island

Best Things to Do on Tybee Island

Sail Away in Style

Explore the ethereal natural beauty of Tybee’s back river and salt marshes on a boat. The Island attracts many visitors to island soothing saltwater that is also known for its healing qualities.

Crab Creek Charters has several options for exploring the area on water. Book a full day of sailing, go fishing, or take an eco-tour with a group of up to 6 people. There are a few other charter companies in the area, including Bull River Marina, Old Coast Adventure, and Anchors Away Sailing. However, I think they all share the reservation system when booked online.

Nevertheless, the Island’s tranquil coast is a therapy for the soul and mind.

Join the Farm-to-Fork Fete

It’s small. It’s quaint. But best of all, it is not overly crowded.

The Tybee Island Farmer’s Market is open on Mondays from 4 to 7pm and sources beautiful fruits, delicious vegetables, fresh eggs, artisan pastries, specialty products, and more from local producers. The reusable tote bag with loggerhead turtle bursting from its shell is too cute for words.

Stop each for local bits too! There is a great variety of baked goods, a lively atmosphere, friendly vendors, and a celebration of all things local.

Escape to Sun-kissed Shores

On my last trip to Tybee Island during the month of October, we spent the afternoon at the beach. It was a beautiful but cloudy day. The temperature was cool with slight breezes.

Before heading out, I made sure to pack all of the necessary beach essentials including sunscreen, towels, and water to stay hydrated. With the sun beating down, its important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

There was plenty to do from water activities, to building sandcastles, to simply relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Overall, it was the perfect day full of fun and relaxation, but also an important reminder of the importance of being prepared and safe while enjoying the beach.

Enjoy a Seafood Extravaganza

Being a coastal town, expect a nice variety of delicious seafood options that are sourced from the Atlantic Ocean. Among the most popular foods found at local restaurants, visitors will find dishes like seafood boils, shrimp and grits, oysters that are prepared raw, steamed, or fried, and crab that is steamed, in a boil, or made into crab cakes.

Lobsters are not as plentiful, but you they are available at select restaurants. The clam chowder or seafood pastas will more than please your appetite. You’ll also enjoy a range of fish including flounder, grouper, snapper, and mahi-mahi. Grilled, blackened, or fried fish dishes are popular choices.

tybee island sunset

Witness Nature’s Masterpiece

Watching the sunset on Tybee Island is a blend of serenity and natural beauty that captivated us. We found some great spots to watch the sunset that gives a unique aspect of the island’s charm.

The Tybee Island Lighthouse provides an elevated vantage point that allows an unimpeded view of the sun as it descends into the horizon. The Back River Beach is another spot with tranquil shores that perfectly capturing the sun’s reflection on the waters.

For a quieter and more intimate scene, the North Beach has secluded spots to enjoy the sunset without disturbance. If you are planning a romanic scene, this would be an ideal place.

Or if you just want to make it memorable, you could plan a romantic sunset picnic. If you are with family, organize a photography excursion to capture images with nature as a beautiful backdrop.

Another way to see the sunset is on an afternoon boat tour, providing you not only with an unbeatable viewpoint but also the chance to witness local wildlife as they end their day.

Regardless of how you choose to watch it, the sunset at Tybee Island promises an unforgettable experience steeped in natural beauty and personal sentiment.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

At the Tybee Island Marine Science Center, meet wildlife by joining a trek in nature. Each walk has a different focus. The beach walk is a guided walk on Tybee’s South beach.

The Marsh Trek is a hands-on exploration where you will go to meet fiddler crabs, snails, turtles, birds and more. There is also a turtle talk, a sea turtle nest excavation, and a coastal experience where you catch and release crabs, silversides, sea jellies, and other marine life.

Make sure you are well dressed for the terrain. Don’t wear sandals, flip flops, or crocs. Some areas are muddy, especially in the marsh.

All of the walks are reasonably priced at $20 per adult. The center is located at 37 Meddin Dr Tybee Island, and it’s open Wednesday through Sunday from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Experience the Eerie

On the southern part of the island, join the Tybee Ghost Tour! You’ll meet your paranormal posse in the south beach neighborhood which bustles with restaurants, bars, and shops.

The tour makes eight stops thought the neighborhood. You’ll hear all about the history and hauntings in Tybee as you walk, then complete the tour at the beach while seeking apparitions. The tour lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours. The spookiness is light with a mix of entertainment.

pirate fest tybee island

Raise the Jolly Roger

Craving an extraordinary adventure? Ah, mate! Then you should include the Tybee Island Pirate Fest that is held in early October.

You’ll have a great time dressing up, being in character, and meeting fellow scallywags while enjoying food and drinks. Your vacation photos will be “booty-ful” evidence of all the escapades.

Take the Scenic Route

Imagine a cool breeze touching your face as you explore Tybee Island on your bike.

Yes, the Island features some fine trails and bike paths for a safe and easy way to get a better view of the charming little town. 

Best of all, rent a beach cruiser online at Tybee Island Bike Rentals. They have super comfortable 3G bikes with large seats so that that makes the outing enjoyable. The rental includes a basket, lock, cup holder and helmet. They can deliver the bikes to you at designated meeting points.

Or go to a local bike rental shop at Fat Tire Bikes at 1403 Butler Avenue. Their bikes have large tires, so which makes the ride easy on a beach while enjoying the beautiful seaside view. 

Dive into Local Delights

Wouldn’t you love to spend the afternoon spotting dolphins in the glossy water of the Island? Take a dolphin tour and get close with the most friendly and curious creatures out there in island water. 

If you are visiting a Savannah, there is a five-hour dolphin tour that picks you up at the Savannah Visitor Center. From there, you’ll be transported by bus to a local restaurant to dine on seafood for a great lunch at The Crab Shack.

✅Book the Dolphin Tour

Then you’ll spend about 90 minutes in the afternoon with fellow nature lovers as you search for dolphins. The tour ends with a stop at the Tybee Island Lighthouse for terrific photos.

tybee island lighthouse
woman at tybee island pier
tybee island shopping

Reach for the Sky

Visiting the Tybee Island Light Station & Museum is an amazing experience for history enthusiasts, lighthouse lovers, and those looking to learn more about the maritime heritage of the area. It is the tallest lighthouse in Georgia.

As you explore this historic site, expect a captivating combination of awe-inspiring views and fascinating exhibits showcasing the lighthouse’s storied past.

Begin your visit with a climb up the 178 steps to the top of the lighthouse, where you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of Tybee Island and the surrounding waterways.

Afterwards, take a stroll through the charming museum that houses artifacts and exhibits on the lighthouse’s construction, its various keepers, and interesting information about shipwrecks and pirates of olden days. Your ticket also allow access to the lighthouse, summer kitchen, and the assistant keepers cottage.

While the museum is open year-round, the cooler months of spring and autumn offer more moderate temperatures and fewer crowds, making it an ideal time to explore at a leisurely pace. These seasons also bring an array of colorful flora that adds to the overall beauty of your visit.

Summertime offers a bustling atmosphere with numerous activities on Tybee Island itself but may also result in more crowded and warmer conditions at the museum and lighthouse. Regardless of when you choose to visit, be sure to plan ahead by checking for special events or potential closures so as not to miss out on this memorable experience at the Tybee Island Lighthouse & Museum.

Tybee Island Light Station & Museum has self-guided tours daily (except Tuesdays) from 9 AM to 4:30 PM.

Indulge in Retail Therapy

On the North and South Beaches, we visited a few quaint and colorful boutiques for fashionable beach wear. We also found whimsical and eclectic items for gifting, home decor, and hand-made crafts from local artisans who appreciated our support.

It was a great place to find all our needs from clothing, gifts, Jewelry, handbags, note cards, hand towels, wind chimes, art pieces, and so much more. The shops carry unique and unexpected gifts, and the adorable finds are well worth the time spent.

Journey Through Time

Are you a history buff? Come to Tybee Island to and spend a couple of hours learning about Fort Pulaski National Monument, located at 101 Fort Pulaski Rd. between Tybee Island and Savannah.

Fort Pulaski played a pivotal role during the American Civil War. It stands as a testament to the advancements in military architecture and warfare strategies of that era.

With military architecture, the fort preserves civil war history and presents cannon firing daily. It’s an excellent opportunity for history lovers to rejuvenate history.  

Children can participate in educational programs, junior ranger activities, and interactive exhibits designed to engage their minds. Moreover, simply explore barrier islands and nature trails, picnic areas, and enjoy birdwatching.

Final Thoughts About Things to Do on Tybee Island

The magical Tybee Island located at the mouth of Savannah is perfect for the southern gateway.

There are plenty of ways to explore this secret paradise with sandy beaches, from boating to kayaking to charter fishing to dolphin tours. So, if you are an adventure junkie looking for some extra fun, then you have come to the right place.

Tybee island is heaven for recreational sports and has no match in its beauty and uniqueness worldwide. The island is close to Savannah and is a great spot to relax or engage in water sports.

Wait! Before you Google the top things to do in Savannah, we’ve already done this search for you. Savannah manifests beautiful architecture, magnificent parks, and oak trees covered with Spanish-like moss. We recommend a stay in the historic downtown hotels where you’ll be close to everything.

These activities showcase why Tybee Island is the best day trip from Savannah, GA. If you find Tybee Island as exciting as most do, then consider visiting this fascinating place to make everlasting vacation memories. 

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