20 Simple Ways to Spread Kindness and Thanksgiving

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There are many simple ways to spread kindness and thanksgiving to make the season count. From random acts to helping others, we’ve found 20 ways to spread the holiday spirit.

Whether it’s helping out a family in need, donating to charities, or volunteering at an event, there are plenty of ways you can give back.

Take your first step by spreading some kindness this season and make this Thanksgiving count!

When you embrace kindness, it can change your life.

Ways to Spread Kindness and Thanksgiving

At Work

These ideas should help the office staff feel more appreciated and recognized for their hard work!  

When you spread kindness on the job, co-workers and direct reports will appreciate the little things you do to help them.

  • Be a mentor and share your knowledge to support co-workers
  • Volunteer to cover someone who will be out of the office for vacation
  • Take some morning treats to the office for everyone to share
  • Organize a sponsored outing or team lunch

At School

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession, but it comes with a lot of pressure. 

There are so many things to figure out and stay on top of. It can be hard to feel a sense of accomplishment, especially when you’re looking at the big picture. 

Thank teachers for their hard work this year by creating a small gift with these ideas of appreciation. 

  • Start a fundraiser for extra school supplies
  • Creating a handmade item or baked goods can help express to them your gratitude
  • Make teachers feel valued, respected, and appreciated with kind words. As Maya Angelou said, “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Amongst Friends

Friends stick with us through thick and thin. They support us, lift us up, and share their lives in ways that are meaningful. Here are some ways to celebrate them and spread kindness.

  • Treat your BFF to a spa day
  • Invite your friends over for movie night and social fun
  • Take your friend to a sports game, concert, or any event that they would love

At Home

The holiday season is a time to celebrate the important people in our lives with fun and thoughtful activities. Everyone deserves a little extra kindness.

  • Make your spouse breakfast in bed
  • Put notes of love in the lunch sacks
  • Check-in on a loved one or long-distance relatives

In Your Community

The Thanksgiving holiday is about giving and sharing, so why not make it an intentional act of kindness by doing some of these thoughtful favors in your community?

  • Donate groceries to your local food pantry
  • Volunteer to cook and serve food at a nearby soup kitchen
  • Volunteer to read or play games at a senior living residence

When you embrace kindness, it can change your life. 

Every Day

Spreading kindness doesn’t have to be limited to the holiday season. The act of giving can be year-round by helping out a family in need, donating to charities, or volunteering at an event, there are plenty of ways you can give back.

  • Leave notes of appreciation for mail carriers and delivery persons
  • Purchase the coffee for the person ordering behind you
  • Be more courteous to other drivers on the road
  • Smile and wish someone a good day

Final Thoughts on Ways to Spread Kindness and Thanksgiving

There are many ways to spread kindness and say “thank you” to our family, friends, and community this Thanksgiving.  

Use this simple guide to spread Thanksgiving kindness and joy by celebrating the season with friends, family, and those less fortunate.

It’s more gratifying to give when it comes from the heart. 

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